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Self-contained Lantern SC 155II

Self-contained LED Lantern for buoys and minor beacons

SC 155 II a self-contained LED lantern for fixed and floating structures. The lantern is complete including solar panels, battery and charge controller. The lantern is designed for harsh marine environment and for long uninterrupted operation.

Self-contained Lantern SC 155II features:

  • Range 7 NM (Tc=0,74) 10 NM (Tc=0,85)
  • Standard IALA colours Red, Green, White, Yellow
  • Light module of rugged aluminium housing and body of UV resistant polyethylene
  • Integrated flasher with day-light switch and solar charger
  • Standard VRLA battery or optional NiCd for low temperature areas
  • Ventilated battery compartment
  • Solar modules with tempered glass in front
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Available with narrow (6°) or wide (10°) vertical divergence
  • Programming with a wireless Sabik Easy Programmer, PDA Programmer or PC/USB interface
  • Integrated event log for 365 days
  • Optionally integrated GPS synchronization
  • Optionally integrated GSM Remote monitoring
  • Optionally Auxiliary connector for external charger or external Solar Module
  • Optionally Primary battery switch


If you require further details or would like to place an order. Please contact our sales team directly on Tel: 01257 795186 | Email:

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